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  Kistler Automotive Sensors
The Industry Standard in Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Kistler Automotive sensors represent the ultimate refinement in the evolution of measurement technology.

Our product range includes non-contact optical sensors, wheel force transducers, GPS, microwave sensors, mechanical sensors, fuel flow meters, and a wide range of accessories. Together with data acquisition and evaluation systems and own software, we are able to provide complete solutions for virtually all vehicle dynamics testing applications, e.g.:

• Braking distance measurement
• Acceleration measurement
• Coast-down test
• Fuel consumption measurement
• Determination of v max

Kistler Automotive Sensors at Work:
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Kistler Automotive Sensors on the track 1

Kistler Automotive Sensors on the track 2

Kistler Automotive Sensors on the track 3

Kistler Automotive Sensors on the track 4

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Updated February 26, 2014
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